Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exclamation met Question

[Curtainraiser: Once upon a line, at no ordinary secret meeting of punctuations... ]

Mr.exclamation met Ms.question
at the corner of a big wide margin

He said we both share a dot
Which is not a full stop
Let's also not forget
Same tattoo called mark

Your dot is so very curious
My dot refuses to be taken serious
Your dot a con named fuse
My dot a mouse named muse

Your dot says but why
My dot says my my
Your dot is the door to the key
My dot a mad scientist's eureka sea

Your dot chased by a curve
My dot dropped by a line
Your dot a song of enigma
My dot a dance of charisma

Questionmark jumped
She said: Oh exclamation
Don't you see
truth of you and me?

Your song and my dance
My curve and your line
Your sea and my key
My why and your my

Your muse and my fuse
My curious and your south of serious
Your mark and my mark
My dot and your dot

Maybe it was meant to be
First me and then you
Turning over page by page
Answer to curious cat called sage!

[ Curtain falls: You see,
In this game of life's
many many punctuations
It takes many many iterations
of questions and exclamations ]


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