Thursday, December 16, 2010

If a country was a person

"The Pull" by Neha

If a country was a person
What would she be like?
or would it be he?
(Personal bias intervenes
with the poet and she
makes it a she!)

So let's repeat..

If a country was a person
What would she be like?

Would she be kind and gentle?
or would she be hard
through all that she's
been through?
The short summer, longer
autumn and longest winter?
A master, a mate or maybe a dove?

Would she look wise
with her lovely silver hair
and gentle ocean eyes?
or would she cover herself
with artificial colors, botox
and darkest glasses in town?

Would she keep
thinking of the swing on
one thousand year old mango tree ?
The good, the bad and the ugly?
Or would she open the
window to let morning breeze in?

Would she talk of love
in the time of cholera or
one hundred years of solitude
or communion or wars
or a distant lullaby?
Or would she sing
a never heard song?

Would she listen
as mother's do the
happenings at play school?
or would she be in
a hurry to tell her favorite
fairytale ?

Would she see a new
writing on the wall?
or would she see
that along the curves
the world goes on?
or maybe stairway straight to
rabbit hole under her bed?

Would she breath deep
and long?
or would she struggle to catchup
with her own breath?
or will she be looking
for a flavored fresh air bar?

Would she be able to
look at her own feet?
pedicured legs and
shoes with high heel?
or will the belly come in between?

Would she drink tap water,
whisky, beer or wine?
or some lemon, honey
with dash of herbal tea?
or home made fruit
juice will do?

Would she like to wake
up to coffee in bed with
some mozart and fresh daisies in
round yellow flower pot?
or would she check the news
to see what's been breaking
since she went early to bed?

Would she trust
knowing that it might go bust?
or her baggage would she scan
and check and rescan?
or would she look for
a train called hope at
the very next station?

If a country was a person
What would she be like?
What would she like?
What little pearl
would you whisper
in her ears?


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