Monday, November 01, 2010

Dream Bloom

"We bloom" by Neha for BloomBars

In my dreams
flowers bloom
birds dance
fireflies giggle

In my dreams
cotton clouds float
slow motion moves
tin foil soldiers talk

In my dreams
geometry is a
tree of asymmetry

In my dreams
strangers embrace
sunshine rhymes
jingles mingle

In my dreams
muses multiply
words are silent
honey rains

In my dreams
imperfect line says
i am a perfect
piece of paradise

In my dreams
center is everywhere

In my dreams
accordion plays on
lady bug gives hugs
space and time merge

In my dreams
colors keep running
into one another as
a kaleidoscope painter

In my dreams
horse with no name
runs in blue skies
with ballerina daisy

In my dreams
serendipity rules
without any rules
beginnings are endless

In my dreams
turquoise color day
meets deep blue nights
with red fire of heart

In my dreams
left is equal to
right is equal to
being anywhere you like

In my dreams
we look the same
door bell rings
custom love song

On soft pillow of wonder
How do you bloom?


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