Friday, October 01, 2010

GPS for Life

"The Spark" by Neha

What if life
came with a GPS?

What if people
had a user manual?

What if walls
could talk?

What if trees
could walk?

What if night
became day?

What if world
was a dream?

What if brain
had a temperature control?

What if windows
opened inside?

What if shoes
grew grass as a mark?

What if storm
wanted to rest?

What if today
was all we had?

What if light
and dark were friends?

What if sky
wanted to be down to earth?

What if invisible
doors waited for you to knock?

What if wind
loved to whistle?

What if your song
was my song?

What if timeless
was essence of time?

What if the GPS
said any road is fine ?



NadeemSiddiqui said...

is this yours

Neha said...