Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode to Mr.Potato

Potato by Dr. Hemmert

They eat you in the West
They eat you in the East
They eat you in the North
They eat you in the South

They cut you
They dice you
They slice you
They fry you

They eat you as starter
They eat you as salad
They eat you as main course
They eat you as dessert

They mash you
They boil you
They bake you
They grate you

They call you Mr.Potato
They call you Mr.Potata
They call you Mr.Patate
They call you Mr.Potet

This is a salute to your round soul,
This is a bow to your many forms,
This is an embrace to your substance,
This is an ode to good ol' Mr.Potato !


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