Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tippy Tippy Tap

Color of Joy by Neha

Woke up this morning
with flashes of
tippy tippy tap
what color you want

tippy tippy tap
what colors
do I want in my life?

I will take all shades of blue
give me blue of morning sky
give me ocean blue on long cruise
give me the soul stirring blue ballad
give me peacock feather's blue

give me black of silent night
give me some black eyed peas
give me black of those beautiful eyes
give me black of mystique silhouettes
give me black ink to write this song

tippy tippy tap
what color you want

I will take green field of my dreams
give me green summer grass kissing my feet
give me green light to break barriers of mind
give me green of world peace
give me green mile to boulevard of possibilities

give me red of my pretty evening dress
give me red of fire, ice and in betweens
give me red of horizon's cheek at dusk
give me red which doesn't ask me to stop

I will take the yellow stones
give me yellow of sunflower field
give me yellowbook guide to life
give me yellow cab to la la land
give me yellow aura of dawn and dusk

give me green of yellow and blue
give me rouge of red and white
give me grey of white and black
give me primary, secondary any color you want

Toss in the colorless if you like
give me color of joy
give me color of hope
give me color of salt and pepper
give me any color you want
Mix it, paint it, toss it as you like

Tippy Tippy Tap
Splash by splash
Colors of our lives
Taking all in stride
All of you I want!


This poem is inspired by the game "Tippy Tippy Tap" that I remember from my childhood. One kid would choose a color of his/her liking while all others would run to grab something of that color before the color picker catches any of them. Do you know what color you want?


Nirupama said...

Loved reading "Tippy Tippy Tap".This game was totally forgotten by me.Thanks for bringing all those memories back.

Ruchika said...

Lovely.. :) :) gives a new dimension to the childish game we played