Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Song of Story Scarves

Come let's make a story scarf
Let the fabric be a piece of peace
Let the thread be unity of humanity
Let the color be all shades of love
Let the symbol be a logo of hope
Let the message be ubuntu for all

Come let's make a story scarf
Let's knit my story and yours
Let's knit this common yarn
Let's knit the beauty of diversity
Let's knit the power of our dreams
Let's knit the magical song

Come let's make a story scarf
Bring your inner dream maker,
story teller, creator and songwriter,
Bring a piece of your soul,
Bring me the new horizon,
Come join your hand with mine
Let's make a story scarf


The Song of Story Scarves is dedicated to Stacey and her girls at Story Scarves in South Africa (

Photo Credit: Story Scarves

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