Thursday, June 10, 2010

Matter of Light

"The Gateway" by Neha

On the main street
On the muddy puddle
On the rocky hike
On the edge of topside
I saw the light.

In the middle of ocean
In the wooden cottage
In the rusty red boat
In the blue night sky
I saw the light.

As a lens of common and heaven
As a wandering dream catcher
and story teller
As a silly board game fight
As a fall on smooth part of downside
I saw the light.

With us, you and I
With your story and mine
With hand in hand
Within and without
I saw the light.

For the love of life
For this journey we share
For this timeless romance of
beauty, reason and soul
For the unsung song I love
I saw the light.

By the corner of my eyes
By the antique store and
refurbished opera house
By the finds of Jekyll and Hyde
By the mosaic of rock and art
I saw the light

From sugar to spice
From man laws to woman rules
From zipcodes to many roads
From friends I know to knowing the friends
I saw the light.


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