Monday, February 22, 2010

Upside Down

This way by Neha

What if up became down
and down became up?

What if we lived in
a world with no names?

What if I said north
and south are the same?

What if breaking news
was making news ?

What if sun told
moon it was very cool?

What if a search engine
could find the golden pen I lost?

What if deadline
was a lifeline?

What if green
was feeling blue?

What if Schroedinger's cat
had nine radioactive lives?

What if silence
beautifully sang?

What if people came
with a handy user guide?

What if today was the
first day of your life?

What if absolute married
the relative?

What if square peg
met the round hole?

What if babies
knew it all?

What if life
was without a calendar?

What if a joke wanted
to be serious?

What if Karma and
Chaos were friends?

What if questions
were the answers?

What if this end
is that beginning?

What if up became down
and down became up?

- Neha

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