Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Room With A View

Vincent'e Bedroom in Arles

My room has a view.
Romance with red sky at morning,
floating clouds, ballerina birds
and endless trails of toy planes .
Dance with highway cars, windy
road sign and dazzling street lights

My room has a view.
It says keep me light
Ignore the mail that brings
sales coupons by the dozens
And make me the beautiful kite
that soars higher and higher

My room has a view.
Wide open windows, mail vans, pizza pickups,
that sidewalk cafe by the kitchen wall
It says let me greet the endless sky
And when you paint my walls
let them be reflection of you and I

My room has a view.
It says come be with me now
And when memory lane sends an invitation
to forgotten bus stops and yellow brick lanes
Come back to my shades and feel the
layers of my pastel dreamy drapes

My room has a view.
A place beyond anticipation or projection
Spring blossoms, fall splashes and
winter's naked branches
My daisies, daydreaming and dancing
It celebrates all coming, going, growing

My room has a view.
It says I love when you wake up
to write these words
Between decisions, indecisions and reflections
Between these words and our worlds
I whisper how I love these views.


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